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A single solution for all stages of your business.Management of cultivation, extraction and processing.



The right solution and partner for your business

Over the last 5 years, widepartner has implemented ERP SAGE X3 in several companies in the Cannabis sector, thus ensuring the necessary conditions to obtain INFARMED (Portugal) compliance, whether exclusive to cultivation and/or extraction, or pharmaceutical companies that are focused on processing of the dried leaves into medicines, oils or edibles.Our solution offers capabilities to support the most complex business requirements, from seed to product sales.

Companies face enormous challenges at an organizational level where success depends on the control and traceability of their financial, logistics and quality operations. It is essential for organizations to obtain metrics that allow them to make decisions based on reliable data and at the same time allow them to streamline processes to increase business profitability.

EU GACP and GMP Regulations and Guidelines

Quality and compliance

Quality control and audit support to ensure EU GACP and GMP compliance

One single solution to manage all
types of cannabis business

Total access and audit control over data manipulation, ensuring that only authorized personnel can register and save the history of changes.

Access control and auditing

Track all movements and location of operations. Full traceability from raw materials, finished products and waste is guaranteed. Optimization of Recall processes.



Access to reliable and valued data from your inventory with the advanced traceability function by batch and packaging.

Increased operational visibility, reducing time and costs. With integrated Business Intelligence tools.

Operational visibility


Control and visibility during the production process and execution support. Integration with scales, barcode/RFID readers, monitoring systems, QMS and MES.

Main Features

Variety Management (Strain)

Control of concentrations of CBD, THC, …

Propagation tracking and plantation follow-up

Simplified flow operations

Treatment management and nutrient administration

Crop registration, including calculation of various types of weight

Stock management with waste accounting

Zoned fertigation planning with capacity management and tank cleaning

Extraction, blending, mix and processing

Production nomenclatures

Operating ranges machines and workstations

Quality control

Lots and expiration dates

Tests and recall

Waste management


Business accounting

Asset management

Financial reports and dashboards

Purchasing management

Inventory management

Sales management


Stock management and logistics

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Extraction and Processing Management

Financial and Administrative

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